Construction Services

MBI Construction Services is available to provide our clients with all resources necessary to complete their project, whatever that project is.  We have experience in residential, commercial, and industrial construction. We can provide expertise in being an Owner’s representative, agency construction management, at risk construction management, and design-build. We will advise the client on which delivery method is best for the specific project and proceed accordingly. The design-build (DB) project delivery system has grown in popularity, and is seen as a solution for addressing the limitations of other methods.  For an owner, the primary benefit is the simplicity of having one party responsible for the design and construction of the project. While the other delivery systems often give rise to disputes among various project participants, with the owner acting as referee, in DB many of these disputes become internal DB team issues which may not affect the owner.  With MBI Construction Services acting as the Design-Builder, we will have near instant access to the engineers and architects throughout the construction process.

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