Land Survey

The surveying department at MBI specializes in providing land surveying and construction layout services for both residential and commercial properties. Based out of Knoxville, the department has two Tennessee licensed surveyors on staff. We work in coordination with the civil engineering department to provide complete site development services from the preliminary design phase through construction completion.

Planning Services

• Property Data & Deed Research
• Zoning and Code Reviews
• Utility & 811 Locations

Permitting Services

• Planning Commission and Board of Zoning Reviews
• Plat Preparation
• ROW Closures
• Site Distance Certifications

Field Services

• Alta/ACSM Surveys
• Boundary Surveys
• Topographic Surveys
• Title Surveys
• GPS Surveys
• Mortgage Surveys
• Foundation Surveys
• FEMA/Flood Certifications
• Construction Layouts
• Construction Staking
• Subdivision Layouts & Staking

As-Built Services

• Bond Release Assistance
• Stormwater Maintenance Covenants and agreements
• As-Built Survey
• Local Jurisdiction Submittals and Coordination