Heritage High School Science Wing Renovation

As a result of a facility needs assessment, MBI was enlisted for full design services for the complete renovation of the Heritage High School’s science wing. The classrooms, science labs, collaboration and staff spaces underwent complete demolition and were reimagined to provide the optimum learning experience for the students in addition to being functional for staff use. The hallway accents provide inspiration and spark creativity, bringing motivation and curiosity into the classrooms, and allowing for a vibrant learning environment where students can aim at exceeding potential!

The new science labs were designed to respond to the dynamic learning environment of a modern high school science program. Configurable workstations help facilitate a simple, smooth transition between lecture and lab experiment, and new laboratory equipment and innovative technologies were provided to benefit the students and teachers.

Maryville, TN

Blount County Schools

Size: 11,628 SF

Project Type:

Architecture, Engineering, Interiors

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